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Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
Unfortunately Eisenmann has had a consistent policy forbidding group purchases and Ebay transactions due to their often volatile nature. As the official North American Distributor for Eisenmann GmbH IND must follow all Eisenmann sales rules and as a result we are bound by the terms and restrictions Eisenmann places on IND.

This particular group buy was something IND was hoping to push through as a favor to M3Post members for their years of support. We love M3Post and the community we have here, and we did want to provide a one-time group buy to help folks get an Eisenmann system for a discounted price.

Our bargaining tactic with Eisenmann was to sell the idea behind this group buy as an extremely low volume transaction- something that wouldn't "rock the boat" too much.

The terms requested by the people setting up the group buy were more than the terms Eisenmann was willing to accept. Eisenmann made the business decision not to support the group buy, and stick by their long-standing policy. Ultimately the decision is theirs, and it was the need for extreme concessions on Eisenmann's end that closed the group buy.

With all of that being said, if anyone who initially expressed interest in the group buy would like an IND decal as a token of our appreciation we will of course gladly send one your way! Just send a PM to myself or Jesal@IND and we will take care of it.

We are extremely grateful for all of the support from M3Post, and we're sorry that we could not put a purchase together at this time.
Thanks for your support. Can you do a groupbuy of another exhaust system? Remus?