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Originally Posted by Heps
Originally Posted by GRUESOM3 View Post
I don't think the m3 is for a 22 year old period and not for financial reasons either. Its too much of a machine for that age, its a disaster waiting to happen. At 22 you barely know what a car is.
Could not agree any less with this. Age doesnt 100% dictate driving skill, its completely nonsense to say that. I had a 500whp Viper when I was 22, a 22 year old isnt a 16 year old showing off to his highschool friends. Someone who is 45 could easily rack up an m3 as a 22yrold could. And besides, a stock m3 isnt a violent raw car. Ive got friends with Civics who have lost control of those more often then friends with s5's, camaros, etc
The whole show off factor of a high schooler with an M3 would be huge.