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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
You're kidding, right? Do you understand I have owned three GTRs?
Do you understand I have tested each one of them over and over again using a Vbox?
Do you grasp the fact that I have repeatedly had better times than a launched M6 without using LC. These are consistent. A nonlaunched 2012 and beyond GTR will be in the mid to high 3s to 60. Will consistently take 4 seconds to go from 60-100. These are better than an M6.
Does an M6 do better up high? Yes but it will take a quarter mile before you start seeing it. But my gripe is showing an M6 pulling down low (ie its not representative of M6 versus GTR performance).

A piece of advice: try and avoid ad hom
How many New M6's have you Vboxed? Have you raced a new M6 on the street?