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[quote=HighandDry;13485279][quote=Thebigbus;13484810]The anesthesia residents where I'm at are some of the nicest, happiest people in the hospital. It makes me wonder sometimes about my choice, to be honest....

The plastics residents are the grumpiest, and the general surgery residents are a close second. Just the nature of their work....this is a generalization, by the way...obviously not all are like this.

One of my good friends is a gas man. Likes his job, but hates his schedule. Never really know when you're going to end and still taking lots of night stuff. He told me, "You know in residency, anesthesia always had good hours. We would be in a case for 8 hrs and I would get relieved to go home. I always looked at the surgeons and thought, 'poor saps'. Now the tables are turned, the surgeons are going home and I'm still giving gas."

Out in the real world, I think the happiest practitioners are ortho, ENT, derm, and plastics. My wife was OB-GYN and quit due to the malpractice costs and the cuts in pay.
I think most folks in radiology are quite happy. I am.