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iTrader: (0) considering making an acct for m6 forums...but can someone ask that clown MiroE90/DreamerM6 to PLEASE show up at either one of these events?

Once again: - -- etc or any SILV (Supras Invade Las Vegas). of the BIGGEST trash talkers is driving a 335i.

Rimola of NAGTROC is ready to go for ANY M5s or M6s.

"Lol BMW for the fail. I drive a GT-R, i have nothing to prove. If anyone with a M5 or M6 (old or new) wants me to tax that ass, please email me at:

My email is listed above, so no need to waste your time registering on here. PS. Dont forget your bluetooth and sunglasses. "

Let your M6 counterparts know.
I will be following this thread very closely.