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Originally Posted by gum5h03 View Post
And that's somehow the rest of the world's fault that you didn't plan ahead for something like that? I don't know about you but I made arrangements for that very case. If I get laid off or injured or whatever I have enough saved up for nearly a year out of work (which will never happen because I'm an educated, well paid professional who can find another job within a day). As far as people that wait tables or sweep floors why should I have to pay extra taxes so people that have no ambition, no drive can get free medical care? Why should I pay for the illegal immigrants that come over to have babies here because as you say " the US has the worst healthcare system of any industrialized country"...but apparently it's good enough for them isn't it. This country gives people so many chances to succeed but a lot of those people don't aspire to do anything with their lives except mooch off the governement whether it be welfare, medicare or medicaid. A social healthcare system would only add to that problem.
So if everyone should aspire to greater things, who will wait tables? work in the Quick E marts?.... someone has to. Are these people not deserving of good health care? You say that you are a highly educated professional. You sure don't argue or write like one.
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