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Thanks for all the positive words of encouragement! Seriously you guys ROCK! I even had 2 different vendors offer to sponsor my new car with free parts. I respectfully declined but would love to mention them by name for props if they don't mind. This was never about not having the money or for sympathy. I was just excited about my kids new wheels(and mine) and wanted to share.

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...a cynic would say, he sold the car instead of dipping into his savings...... As opposed to, sold the car because I had no other means...... This was never a car vs son choice, but really car vs savings account.

good to hear the backstory, and yes, cool wheels for kids over cool wheels for dad. Pretty much every parent here on this board would make that choice,yes.

congrats to your son. Mr Metak.
Exactly! For me I could have bought the equipment and kept the car, but it didn't feel right driving that car around while draining my emergency/savings. Or making my kid wait 4-5months(an eternity to a young developing brain) to gather the funds.

So, I appreciate all the great support and comments from EVERYONE but anyone with a kid realizes this is a no-brainer! I almost feel weird accepting any praise for something that just comes naturally. instinctively with a parents love for a child.