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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Would you guys be this outraged if he gave up and walked out of the house and was cuffed and taken away? I'm just really trying to figure out what outcome you guys were really expecting. Let's say they have him surrounded and he is shot in a shootout - is that so much different? This guy had no intention of being taken alive.
To me, the right outcome was to give Dorner at least the opportunity to give up peacefully (while trapped in the cabin), then take him out if all other options were exhausted. There was no place for Dorner to escape to. What Dorner's plans were as far as wanting a trial or taking his own life should have no bearing on how the police chose to handle the situation.
The way the police handled this whole thing just proved Dorner's point, so mission accomplished I guess. Question is, is anyone gonna hold the LAPD accountable or are they gonna just sweep it under the rug.