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Thank you so much for the feedback. It is nice to see that the road of SC on the S65 has evolved to a new species. I am REALLY looking forward to this upgrade. In a sense it is beyond a upgrade and Active has given the public a slew of choices for the S65 depending on the needs. I think they have all the bases covered now. Hopefully real world events will show this. I am a Active Autowerke dealer/flash center. Myself and my young eager Tech will be on this ASAP! I have another client/friend travelling here in May to do the same You know who you are
Thanks again NikB316

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Man you are going to LOVE this upgrade. I was on the fence of either selling my car or going over to an ESS VT650 kit (which are great kits as well)! Wouldn't have been a big price difference factoring selling my old kit and a good deal on the 650 kit. I am 100% glad I picked this route! I have been I guess you could say satisfied with my car/kit to date but this is what I wanted it to be from the beginning! Everything feels so much smoother! It's trickled down the the transmission and even the sound!

I can't wait to see how the car will be with the new wheels Saturday and rear diff brace on Monday! I have a 80 mile highway commute 7 days a week starting March 1 and this is going to be perfect for it .

When are you getting your install done?