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Originally Posted by Orb View Post
My experience with Stoptech has been less than great. I got the first production runs on the ST Trophy and the painted logo washed off in chunks on the first day on all 4 calipers. After several emails and phone conversations with Stoptech they simply stopped responding and I just gave up. The customer support is beyond terrible although the product work works well.

As for the rusting bolts, you may be the only one who does not have them. Geomet is not a suitable material for this application FWIW. Cadmium plated or a equivalent performance specification would be better suited. The brake dust and water make a fairly nasty cocktail that will enhance rusting. The problem with the rusting bolt really has to do with the Allen head bolts. The sharp edges of the Allen head wrench shape penetrates the plating surface when the bolts are tightened leaving a very small amount of exposed steel. After time, the rust starts from this point outwards which corrodes under the plating. This is a know issue with Allen head bolts. In my case, the rust is very small after 3 years but it looks like crap nonetheless. Torx bolts with suitable plating will eliminate the problem completely.

The type II/III anodizing is another issue. It is fairly well known that anodizing will easily stain if not sealed with an appropriate material for its given environment. There is a long list of sealing materials that would prevent the staining of the finish.

The blame the customer game only goes so far so would suggest you stop projecting this. The customers who purchased this product that have problems will not be buying the product again and for good reason. Fixing the problem will regain the customer.

Yeah- resellers chiming in with perfect luck stories are fine -

IMO, the real issue here IS their customer service. Not answering e-mails - (why this post happened in the first place) - yeah, I'm sure the power was out and no internet for 2 weeks? pshh... And just generally, no matter what happened, it's a premium and expensive product. Not only did it feel like they drug their feet the whole way (until I pressed the issue) But also in the end, they wouldn't deliver on the little bit of help they did promise. Even recently, they have not even called back the distributor I bought the kit from.

I'm not an unreasonable guy and I didn't have unreasonable demands... It just feels like they never really wanted to help and just wanted me to go away.

Anyone spending in the ballpark of 8 grand for a set of brakes deserves better customer service than this.