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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Did PFC think that the 06's would hold up better than the 08's?
Curious because I'm about to replace my 06's (that I've been very happy with) with 08's for no other reason than they're the latest and greatest. Please post your impressions of the 06's vs the 08's.
I havent used the PF-06s yet. good thing about them is that they have clips!
PF-08 was amazing. As far as i learnt from the PF guys, 06 does not have the same bite as the 08s. They mentioned that 06s have lower bite then 08s and therefore should last longer for me.

I used 08s for i think 3 weekends and failed at the beginning of the 4th weekend. The pads still had 40-50% left in them before one of them disintegrated.

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