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Originally Posted by Sakred View Post
Yeah but why would you buy the slower of the 2 cars in your 100k budget? GTR>GT3 any day of the week. I too was deciding between the two and went with the faster, newer, and less common option.
Gtr is faster no doubt, does that make gtr>gt3? Hell no. Not everyone buys a car based on how fast it accelerates alone, and doesn't make it any better of a car. Like i said in a previous post, there's no denying what the gtr is capable of especially at its price point, Doesn't make it the car for me.

I don't like big cars and I don't like forced induction. It's really hard to find a very fast, highrevving, nice car that can keep up with the likes of a gtr and Porsche turbo for under a 100k. I stretched my budget a bit and couldn't be happier.