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Originally Posted by WRXXX View Post
Maybe I am getting old but back in my days you graduate from college, you save for a few years to pay off your for loans (if any) and then find your own place and move out. Getting a fancy car was not even in my mind (new our used).

Nowadays, I see late 28 year old's still living with their parents yet drive nice cars that are leased Its instant gratifications for the younger generation I guess. That's why household debt is climbing year after year. I know a divorced woman that is still supporting her 32 year old son! He doesn't pay for rent or food.

I would definately save and get a property first. Especially with the current real estate market in the States right now being so affordable. This won't last forever.

BTW, we have been getting an awful lot of 20 year old's living with their parents lately asking if its ok to get an M3.
Looks like my prior comment was deleted so I'll clean it up. It's like breast feeding a five year old. It's just not right and creates a pile of babies that never really mature. And yeah it's strange how many of these threads we see.