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Originally Posted by besiktas
My PF-08 broke (front driver side-inside pad) into pieces at VIR. I contacted guys at PF and they were shocked and told me i heated them up too much.
they were nice and sent me PF-06 front set.
I liked how they handled it.
Be careful, it made a huge scratch on my rotor too.
I suggest you to switch to a pad with clip.

Btw, i have to give some credit to PF pads. the bite power of PF-08 was truly amazing but again, it broke into pieces on VIR at 140mph
Did PFC think that the 06's would hold up better than the 08's?
Curious because I'm about to replace my 06's (that I've been very happy with) with 08's for no other reason than they're the latest and greatest. Please post your impressions of the 06's vs the 08's.