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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Each to their own, but with all the $$$ spent on this car you could have picked up some serious cars.
I just bought a 2013 991 C4S, and figured with all the money I spent on mods and labour on my M3, the end price between the Porsche and the M3 was not far off.

Car looks bad ass though. Interested to see what you do with it.
I tend to agree with this. I understand OP's point on the one of a kind thing but...I'd still probably take a 991 C4S or C2S.
Not to mention I can go out and buy all the parts you bought and install them on my car. Maybe it wont be DY, but still.

I tend to think of the hot rod community when I think of truly custom. They have one off fabricated parts and all. Something like this

So to the person buying this Cuda, you cant say why wouldnt you buy a 458 and a 911 turbo...his answer is because there are thousands of those and 1 of these.

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