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Originally Posted by kcalhoun27 View Post

-you can pick the colors, and options. no shopping and hoping
-WARRANTY, i think that speaks for itself
-also a good looking car, though i prefer the subdued 350, but id drive either

-limited forum presence, at least for 2013 models
-premium price for go fast goodies
-you wont be driving a bmw, and lets be honest, there is something about saying that that just seems to mean you like driving more. im not going to get into whats better and blah blah blah, but ive loved my 3 bmws, and ill have more before its all over
Ok, you obviously do not have any knowledge about the 370Z or even non-BMW cars in general...

The 370Z has been out since 2008. There is a large forum presence online. It is not quite as popular as the 350Z but it is still not small.

For DIY, it is easily much more easy to work on a 370Z or any Japanese car over a German car. Much less electronics to deal with and mechanically uncomplicated. Also, no electrical gremlins and buggy sensors to deal with. BMW are great when they work but a pain to deal with when things go wrong. If you are looking at used cars, the Japanese car always trumps the BMW in maintaining resale value and reliability.

As for "it's not a BMW"... BMW has made some good cars, it also makes a lot of duds and crap. Nowadays it mostly sells cars based on marketing and brand appeal. Just because a car is a BMW doesn't make it good and there are a ton of quality cars from other manufacturers that are great to drive. I would not have the M3 if it wasn't a good car to drive. The other stuff they sell do not interest me at all.

I am not a big fan of the 370Z but it has it's merits. Don't look down on other cars just because it's not a BMW.