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Originally Posted by heartcolorgrey View Post
OP, despite what the majority of responders have said, I respectfully disagree.

Life comes once, ANYTHING could happen to you. Enjoy driving an amazing car asap.

Don't err on the side of caution, planning to win the long game, (ie- comfortably payoff the mortgage, have $$ for a huge wedding, 2.5 kids to make it to affluent schools, furnish home comfortably, etc) and never seize the chance to have a sweet ride while young enough to really enjoy it.

Coming out of pharmacy school (which is now 6 years+ @ 35-45k a year at an average university) I saved a year or two and got a mortgage and a m3. You can't take money with you when its over.

I know before anyone says it, yes pharmacy pays better out of the gate, but MD,DDS, surgeons and other specialties completely DESTROY our 150ishk/year after a few years of practice.

850-900ish a month for an m3 lease!
While I agree with your sentiment that life is too short to drive a Civic, you are misled as to the earning capacity of physicians. General surgeons, at least here in CA, are lucky to make $150k, primary care is challenged to bring in even $100k. Even the busy orthopedists I know are making only about $250k unless they own their own MRI and surgery center.

ALL of the money in healthcare is going to CEOs and their executives, whether it be the insurance companies or the hospitals themselves.