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One of my good friends is a gas man. Likes his job, but hates his schedule. Never really know when you're going to end and still taking lots of night stuff. He told me, "You know in residency, anesthesia always had good hours. We would be in a case for 8 hrs and I would get relieved to go home. I always looked at the surgeons and thought, 'poor saps'. Now the tables are turned, the surgeons are going home and I'm still giving gas."

Out in the real world, I think the happiest practitioners are ortho, ENT, derm, and plastics. My wife was OB-GYN and quit due to the malpractice costs and the cuts in pay.
Haha, you just never know. I think for me, things will be much better in the "real" world. I can't stand not being able to direct my schedule now...and I'm constantly at the mercy of our attendings, who never seem to want to go home and see their families. It's bizarre. I'm all for hard work, but there is a line in the sand for me. I have way too many other things I want to accomplish in life in addition to being a good urologist

I've heard that song and dance before about OB! Can't imagine being in that field. I'm currently on a Uro-Gyn rotation, and that is the only way I could see being in that field...they have pretty chill lives, and easy patients. Of course, you do the same exact surgeries day in and day out, and I would get bored way too quickly with prolapse repairs and anti-incontinence surgeries...LoL

I think the ER guys have it pretty good as far as hours, but I cannot IMAGINE doing what they actually do. The frustration levels have to be immense with the crap they deal with.