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Originally Posted by DaKillaMafia View Post
I said that anesthesiology has gained my interest as of now. I read that medical students change their minds on the profession they wanted to be after going through the different rotations. I accept the fact that I may not be an anesthesiologist, maybe another kind of physician. I need something to work towards. Again, I'll see what I like in medical school.
I changed my mind a few times during med school. Started out thinking I wanted to do Ortho. Then thought about Medicine. Got a whiff of urology during my 2nd year, and thought it was unique and interesting....and thankfully matched into a good urology program.

Residency itself is hit and miss. I was very "motivated" early on, but am already losing that due to the inefficiencies all around me which are part of the medical "system", and also part of the specific place I work. Our attendings are much more interested in seeing "x" amount of patients instead of teaching, so we're left teaching ourselves "textbook" urology. We get the real-world stuff through osmosis, but the boards matter, ya know

I think everyone's experiences are different, and it also depends on the specialty you choose.

The anesthesia residents where I'm at are some of the nicest, happiest people in the hospital. It makes me wonder sometimes about my choice, to be honest....

The plastics residents are the grumpiest, and the general surgery residents are a close second. Just the nature of their work....this is a generalization, by the way...obviously not all are like this.

You will figure out what you want to do. It will "click" in med school once you get exposure.