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To me it sounds like you think you might like to be an anesthesiologist. At this point, you probably don't understand the field well enough to say you "know". You are not being honest with yourself, if you end up in medical school, you will probably figure out what you want to do about year 3, maybe 4.

As a medical student you may be able to enjoy your car, if you are one of those lucky few who don't need to study all the time. As a resident, your car will spend more time in the hospital ramp than anywhere else.

IMO, if you need to ask....
PS, I think you could find 100 better jobs than EMS if you are serious about getting experience for medical school. In fact I would encourage you to do something else, not to bash EMS, but the experience you would get would be better suited for nursing. Do an online search, working in a lab, a medical office, a hospital floor, as an anesthesia tech....and a million more would better serve you. You want experience medicine and rub elbows with physicians.
Just my .02.

So in summary.... M3-no
EMS- you could do much better for experience.