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there should be some merit given to the fact that you are comparing a used car to a new car. dont get me wrong, in this case I would chose the e46. but, im a very DIY kinda guy, and newer cars arent made for that any more. the pros/cons that are most crucial, as i see it, are these:

M3 -
-pros -
-its an M
-has a very good forum presence with a lot of smart, well informed members to help if you have an issue
-build quality, for the most part, pretty good.
-interior is still nice, despite being dated
-DIY friendly, very limited computer interaction required
-though subjective, its a freakin beautiful car

-its used, and you have no idea how. despite someone saying they babied it, who can truly say. i find it flat out impossible to believe someone bought an M and never romped it even once. if they did, why bother?
-age doesnt really benefit anything besides wine and cheese, certainly not a car
-parts are still pretty expensive, considering the age
-mechanically, there could be problems, and its your dime
-the build items that arent great(subframe, vanos, etc.) are a serious concern


-you can pick the colors, and options. no shopping and hoping
-WARRANTY, i think that speaks for itself
-also a good looking car, though i prefer the subdued 350, but id drive either

-limited forum presence, at least for 2013 models
-premium price for go fast goodies
-you wont be driving a bmw, and lets be honest, there is something about saying that that just seems to mean you like driving more. im not going to get into whats better and blah blah blah, but ive loved my 3 bmws, and ill have more before its all over

so, you have a choice. as stated before, you need to drive both. maybe a paint color will be your decision maker. maybe the handling, or quick turn in. no one here but you can answer that. GL