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09 E92 M3, recently purchased. Been at the dealer for almost 2 mos. now. Need advice.

Hey everyone,

I purchased my 2009 AW E92 M3, around 5 months ago. The car has 21k miles, full factory BMW maintenance free warranty. When i I got the car, I had it fully detail by this high end shop ($600), and she went straight into my 4 car climate controlled garage, and under a new California Car Cover (custom fit). After about a month and a half of ownership. I noticed in the morning (cold start ups), a light bearing noise from the transmission, when I released the clutch. Nothing out of the norm, or even loud. When you release the clutch, the sound comes on for maybe a second or two. But I decided to have them look at it, since they were already repairing some other warranty items. Come to find out, 3 weeks later, the dealership ordered a brand new M3 6 spd. trans, after receiving approval from the M factory. They installed the trans, and that same sound was still there. They called me and explained the situation and said they thought maybe they received a defective new M trans (which I thought was very unlikely) So... They ordered yet, another brand new trans from the M plant in Germany, which took another 3 weeks, and 2 days to install. Same sound, was still there. They called me last Friday, with this news, and said an actual M Master tech, was flying down from Germany, to try and further diagnose the problem. He came down on Monday, and looked at my M3, and he was in shock, as he admitted the sound is not normal, but he did not know where the noise is coming from. He said he is going to have to go further up the chain of command, and fly in, yet another M specific Master Tech, and go from there.

So all in all, I have owned my new M for a little over 5 mos. and have made 6 payments and have only got to drive it for 1 and a 1/2 of those payments.

Since my wife and I, had today off. We decided to go check on my car, with a surprise visit. Thinking my car was indoors, and possibly on a lift (this was there initial promise to me, when I first brought the car in, since the car was recently detailed) We were in shock, when they took us to the back of the lot, where my M was baking in the sun, and was covered with leaves and old rainy dirt, and my left rear new tire was completely flat, and obvious signs, of someone driving on the flat, to move the car around there lot. I was a bit disappointed, to see my M3 looking so sad. The tech said they would fix the flat and detail the car, once it's ready, but again i naturally felt bad-- seeing my Car like that.

So, as of now, the BMW dealership has had my M3 for over two months now- And still no promised ETA date on when I might get my car back, fixed. Three service writers came up to me, and asked "is that your M??" And how everyone is talking about it, at the dealership, because they have never seen an M get 2 brand new transmissions, without fixing the problem. Another service writer said " those M3 6 spd. Gearboxes are $9k each!

I have owned a E46 M3 6 spd., E92 335 6 spd., 2005 M5, and fortunately, I have Never had any issues like this in all my years of owning all my previous BMW's

I must give credit where it's due. BMW Of Riverside, has given us great customer service, BMW rental car and the feeling that they are trying there best to get these issues taken cared of.

Just figured I would vent here, since you guys are always give such great advice. What would you do, if you were in my shoes? I would be lying if I said I don't miss my M (especially since I just got it), and that I'm not losing patience and want my car back, as of last month.

Any advice or point of direction, would be really appreciated. I'll keep this thread updated, as I get any new info from the dealership.

Thanks again

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