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Originally Posted by Malek View Post
If you are exhibiting vibration after Road-Force balancing, then something is off somewhere. There are many that say that match mounting the tire to the wheel is not important with Road-Force balancing, but it is still, especially with large diameter and wide wheels/tires.

Do you have spacers on the car? If so, make sure the mounting surface is absolutely clean, and that anti-seize paste was not applied ANYWHERE except for the hub protrusion and not on the back face of the spacer or rotor.

Also, please make sure your wheels are torqued properly, under or over torqued wheel bolts can cause vibration as well.

Yep, no spacers. Running ARC-8's 9.5" F & 10.5" rears with the right size tires. All bolts torqued in sequence to 90 ft-lbs. But all even. New tires, road force balanced. Hub face to wheel face all cleaned up and anti-size only on the protursion because I whipped it pretty much clean off the hub face. I even watched my tech at BMW measure the run-out of the hubs, wheels, checked all ball joints, suspension, tie arms, etc. No idea's at this point. Brakes are a different issue being addressed with AP and their tech support so I think its two different issue's I'm having compared to the Op.