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Originally Posted by aus View Post
You seem to be about the same age as me and back then, the only G-surg programs that were every other that I knew about was at Duke and Hopkins, but that was hear-say from the folks going into it at the time.
You're also the few who have a Ferrari, at least in Cali. There's a neurosurg where I work who has a few nice cars, but otherwise not many are driving Ferraris in Cali unless they have no kids or a small house.

I'm ortho. Trained at Jackson Memorial in Miami. A lot of gen surg internship programs were every other back then- UVA, UCLA, Charity, etc I was so happy to hear when they changed the work conditions. There was one rotation that wasn't every other- ER. That was fun. 3 night shifts. Have 24 hrs off and then 2 day shifts. 24 hrs off and then back to nights.

I'm not in Cali- Seattle. We all pick our poisons. I do live in a small house and not on the water. Bought it right after fellowship, so my mortgage is small. Gives me the freedom for a lot more things