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Highway stability compared to 335, and a few other questions

I have a few interesting questions on how the m3 behaves in these cases vs my 335 sedan with sport. I never drove an m3 past normal test drive.

1.) My 335 feels very planted and stable at high speeds. My porsche boxster is more nervous and wavy. I assume the m3 would be more stable then the 335?

2.) 335 feels effortless at 60+ in 4th gear, like a wall of torque pushes you as you roll on the throttle. M3?

3. In stop and go traffic, my auto 335 feels a bit heavy, almost like the torque is a bit much an then the brakes have more work to stop - not as smooth stop and go. Is the m3's higher rev nature better for this? Ie less power and smoother at slow speeds.

I plan to take a longer drive of the m3, but these pop into mind right now.