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That is where those 0-60 and 1/4 times are really misleading as so much depends on a good launch, especially cars with huge torque down low can be a mofo to launch and cars like the m3 clearly do a pretty great job of putting down good 0-60 times and quarter times.

However roll them at 30-40mph and stomp the gas, and the M5 would literally put 2 bus lengths within the first 2 seconds of the race if not quicker and at 120mph it would be about a football field. I drove one for a day the other week and honestly the M3 felt so ridiculously slow after getting back into it after the M5 it was depressing for a moment. Until I listened to the sound of my v8 at 8500 rpms then I was happy again! I personally enjoy the sound and delivery of power more than brute power as it just does not bring as much pleasure to me. Something about the aural experience of revving a car to 8500 in a small displacement v8 makes the driving experience like nothing else.