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Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
Nice runs! 60 ft timing is off and your 1/4 time might be off to. If you want to be competitive you need 3 things...drag radials, linelock and launch control. Stay focused, work on your 60ft, race the clock not the other car and most importantly show up with a properly setup car and tire psi! Go for it !!!
Thanks for the advice. I did a lot of research prior to going and read a lot of your posts. I know you speak with authority on the subject.

The deal is I largely prefer track, I even have track spec alignment with large negative camber. Having two setups (track and strip) are not my goal.

At the same time I find it fun and think about going back, but I am aware I will never be in a 10 second realm.

I agree with staying focused, and I can't care less about the guy next to me. I hope their timing system will work better next time.

What tire pressure do you recommend with street tires like I have, I run 36 street, 36-38 track (hot)? I know they are not ideal for the strip.

Do you offer any advice about LC. I know how to activate it. I drop shifter and my tires spin like crazy, I have no traction whatsoever, then the car upshifts into second gear and redlines without shifting into 3rd. I don;t know maybe I let the gas off a little because of all the drama, but man, unless I get drag radials and get immensly more grip - I will dig a hole at the start line faster than I get to the 60' mark..