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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
What will you say when it comes out conclusively that his cause of death was a self inflicted gunshot wound and that the police did not execute him by arson, as you are speculating? This guy obviously did not want his day in court. As he said himself, he wanted to kill cops and their loved ones. He knew how this game was going to end. If at any point he wanted to surrender, he could have and should have. As I've said before, if he was walking out with his hands up and they shot him dead, I would be right there with you, but that's not what happened.

They lit the house on fire first! What in the hell would be the point of torching the house after the suspect was dead? That simply does not compute. If you really believe those cops would have just let him walk out with his arms up than you have far more faith in the good will ans discipline of those police than I do; I would put my money on them shooting him as soon as he stepped out the door, they were attempting to burn him alive or flush him out with fire!

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