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What made you wait and why was that the right decision for you at the time?

Why did I wait? Because spending all my money on a car and therefore being unable to do things with my friends, buy nice clothes or otherwise enjoy seemed like a poor decision.

People these days base their decision on "do I make enough to pay for this" rather than "Do I make enough to comfortably do this without sacrificing other things in life that I may want/need".

It's up to you. I guess I just don't understand the purpose of posts like this. None of us are your personal finance advisors. Only you know your current financial situation.

Can you afford 550 a month on. A 60k salary? How would I know. For all I know you have a 2500 rent bill, were injured in a car accident and have medical bills up your ass. Only you can decide what's right for you. No one on this board can for sure. So why post?