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Originally Posted by Falcao View Post
M3 fanboys are not this defensivand beyonde of M3 putdown ever. They just accept another car is capable of beating the M3 and move on. It is the closet GTR fiends that take off their undies and do away with GTR video that are the problem.

In a GTR fanboy alternate universe, the race should go like this:

M6: Hey nice GTR you want to race
GTR: Heck yea. Lets start from 0 and wait for me to use my LC
M6: Excellent idea. Lets start from 0 and end race at 100mph.
GTR: Yes good idea. We both pull over on the highway and go from 0 to 100mph.

If GTR driver ever ask M6 for race from 0-100 and LC, M6 driver should bitch slap GTR driver for such request. Why would M6 driver do that when using LC and launch from 0 will favor GTR because of demonic LC and AWD which is it's main advantage. At high speeds and rolling race, M6 is at a huge advantage again because of GTR AWD and gearing. I never raced AMG E55 Mercs from 0 with my E60 M5 because they have advantage and i always chose roll to very high speeds and i got them every time
Winning depends on how you choose your race and if GTR driver is stupid enough to accept high speed roll race without LC then GTR fanboys should not complain about outcome.
That's how it goes? Really?
What I see is someone bragging about an M6 obliterating a GTR and when anybody dares questions it they're called overly sensitive GTR fanboys.
How many times does it have to be repeated that a 2012 and beyond GTRwithout using launch control is faster through 130 than an M6 using its lc? Do you comprehend?

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