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Originally Posted by davesaddiction View Post
I got my '08 last year with six months of remaining warranty; I'm sure I paid a little premium because of that. It definitely paid off in my case, however, as I got several things taken care of before my factory warranty ran out (one would have cost me $3000). If I was in the market for an '08 now, I think I'd be looking for one that's CPO, just for the peace of mind.

That said, finding one with such low mileage is very tempting... but if I was going to spend $45-50k on an M3 right now, I'd find an '09+ with remaining warranty.

If you're already stretching you finances some to get into car like this, a big repair bill could mess up your situation.
Honestly, this is probably your best advice.

I very much agree that low mileage is very tempting and something I valued.

I had a similar experience with having to do a lot of repairs so I would only buy a car with warranty.

I love the features of the ZCP so I say get 2011. Piece of mind at a higher initial buy in cost.

I do scrape the ground a lot in San Diego being .4 inches lower. It's hilly here and the roads are in poor condition. I have to check for damage quite often. I could live without that.