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Seriously, Never Buy from GT Motoring......

Strongly advise all m3post members to avoid GT motoring. Worst experience I've had for buying car parts. I dealt with Greg, the owner of GT Motoring.

Cliff Notes
-Ordered BBS wheels early February 2012 from Greg @ GT Motoring / Challenge
-No wheels until September 03/2012 so I ask for a full refund, totalling $3000.
-Says he wire transferred it back but I did not receive it. October 16/2012 I ask him to just use paypal.
-November 12/2012, I receive only $1,550
-Jan 9/2013, I receive only $350
-Jan 21/2013, he tells me he will send the rest ($1,100) in few days.
-As of now (Feb 14/2013), I still do not see it in my paypal account. Itís been 3 weeks since Jan 21/2013. He has not updated me with an email either.

Iíve delayed in writing a review because I personally know online business owners and know they go through lots of stress from negative reviews. However, I believe I gave enough chances to GT motoring to warrant this review.

I ordered squared 18x9.5 et25 BBS GT4 RE wheels from Greg @ GT Motoring early February 2012. Gave my deposit (50% of total amount) through wire transfer and was told it will take around 3 weeks. When ETA was near, I decided to send in the rest because I was in a bit of a hurry (stupid mistake.. I had a track day coming up and needed the wheels).

On March 26/2012, he told me that the ETA was pushed back by 2~3 weeks. On April 23/2012, he emails me to say that BBS motorsports cannot provide me with a squared set until late May or early June. I emailed him June 28/2012 asking for updates and sent few more emails after that asking for his reply. He finally decides to reply with an email on July 27/2012, in which it said itís coming in the next week. A week passes by and I ask him for an update AGAIN (seriously by this point Iíve already asked for updates over 10 times). On August 14/2012, he says he did not update me because he was sick. He tells me that BBS motorsports guy is out on maternity leave and says Iíll have to wait a bit for an update. (Up to this point, I am sure Greg is going to say it was all BBS motorsportís fault.)

Until September he sends me no emailsÖ I decided that Iím done with this company and ask for a full refund on September 3/2012. On September 19/ 2012, he tells me he could not reply to me because of a back problem and he asked his accountant to wire transfer the refund to my bank account. He says I should expect it there the next week Monday. On September 24/2012, I let him know that I do not see it in my account. We have few back and forth emails until October 4/2012 and in those emails he tells me CHASE bank says itís debited and that he doesnít know why itís not showing up in my account. On October 4, I send him verification from my bank that I did not receive it. On October 11/2012, Greg emails me to let me know that CHASE is recalling the wire and he will try to resend it. (For this section, he will blame CHASE. Honestly donít know though if he even sent the wire transfer.)

On October 16/2012, I ask him to just use paypal since wire transfer obviously isnít working well for us. He says OK. November 1/2012, I ask him for updates. No replies. On November 6/2012, I ask for updates again. On November 12/2012, I finally notice a paypal transactionÖÖ but he only F^#$ing sent half of the total refund amount ($1,550). On November 27/2012, I ask whatís happened to the rest of the refund. No replies so I sent an email again December 11/2012. Finally on Jan 9/2013, I notice another paypal transactionÖÖ this time he sent $350 when he actually needs to send $1,450 LOL. On Jan 21/2013, I ask for updates on the rest, and he replies that he will send it in the next few days.
Now itís been 3 weeks and I still do not see the $1,100 I need from him. Thatís a year of waiting for wheels/refund. I have to say that deciding to buy these BBS wheels from GT Motoring is one of the worst decisions Iíve made. Hope others do not go through the same process.

Thank you for reading,

Edit: Refund received in full Feb 15/2013. A year of stress and time wasted. Will not be dealing with GT Motoring again!

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