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Originally Posted by Sakred View Post
Lol at the BMW guys hailing this like the return of the Messiah. Just a street race.

I have NEVER seen an M6 or an M3 do ANYTHING REMOTELY remarkable at ANY texas 2k event (Texas 2k12/13-- -- etc or any SILV (Supras Invade Las Vegas) where there are lambos, modded vettes, vipers supras etc show up and compete in various events with various classes.

But you always get these "One off" video of a supposed destruction of a "Insert said car here".

I mean, it would be nice to see an M6 really show its stuff off but i dont think its likely.

ESPECIALLY if youre in the USA hyping up your M6 and straight line performance.

GTR Guys, dont get mad..we know the truth...

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