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I think the answer depends a lot on what kind of mileage you anticipate putting on the car. If it's going to be your DD, and you average reasonably high mileage (i.e. 10-12k+), I'd go for this car. The majority of car parts wear out due to mileage, not age, and there's a decent chance that even if you get that car almost out of warranty, and are a high mileage driver, you'll be through that warranty soon, and start hitting needed repairs after the warranty expires. Conversely, if you are a lower mileage driver, getting a newer car with higher mileage may be a better bet, as you can get more value from the remaining warranty, and won't be hitting out of warranty repairs as soon.

The point about whether or not you have the savings to pay for out-of-warranty repairs is also quite valid.
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