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Datalogs are a bitch. Glad Tesla has the datalogs to back themselves up.

However, I'm still weary about how much range the car will keep over time. It uses Li-Ion batteries, but Li-Ion batteries age and lose capacity over time and according to various other factors (google "lithium ion aging", should keep you busy for a few hours). It's still a harsh reality of battery technology. Even if they just sit on a shelf at room temperature they age and lose capacity.

I.e. It would suck if you bought an $85,000 luxury sedan with a 300 mile range only to have that range drop to 200 miles after you had owned it for 4 years. A quick google shows an estimate of $34,000 for the 85kwh worth of battery in the top-line 300 mile range Tesla S. That battery will have to last 10 years while maintaining at least 85% capacity before I'd spend that kind of money.
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