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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Ohh you just kpened up a big can of worms.

For the record Audi when asked about a possible F1 jump similar to BMWs in the early 2000s from le mans racing released a statement where they said something along the lines of...

"We think that endurance racing is a greater engineering challenge than F1 and we want to stay in the series thats at the forefront of technology"

And ive caught a lot of flack over the years because I'm inclined to agree with them.

Sportscar racing is just better racing too.
This sums it up nicely for me. And another thing, i never will have the opportunity to drive an f1 car, at least with sports car racing i can have a chance at sitting in the street model version and being able to experience a sliver of what its like to have a race car version of it. Plus f1 cars look plain awkward and ugly IMHO, they have awkward proportions.
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