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Originally Posted by phecht View Post
Becoming a doctor is without a doubt my main priority. It has been for years now, so messing that up with a poor financial decision would be catastrophic. I was just wondering if from any personal experience if it was possible to juggle schooling and just a bit more expensive car payments on top of it possible at all. I suppose not however
As with most things in life, "It depends"

I got through med school with a car payment, gas, etc, but also had some financial help from family. I still have about $230K in debt as of now (deferred due to residency).

My wife's sister is in med school, and somehow has managed to pay cash for a house through sweet talking her grandparents, and she somehow bought a new Ford F-150 EcoBoost. Methinks she may have a business on the side

It just depends on your situation, as others have said.

Try and get through with as LITTLE debt as possible. I am dreading having to pay off my loans. Even though I have gone into a field that has a good track record for decent pay, who knows if that will be the same when I get out in 3 more years...? If not, the debt is REALLY gonna hurt.

Best of luck with your endeavors. You will be putting your life on hold for quite awhile.