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The stock engine does not have a direct linkage to the fuel supply secondary to the direct injection and turbo systems which would not be allowed with the rules, and dual scrolls (basic explanation) are out and the valvetronic system would need to remain stock... The situation is complicated and is why there is no way BMW could enter a turbo under the current rules (why Porsche doesn't etc.) these rules will be altered by ACO/ALMS moving forward as someone involved with it all explained to me. I'd take these rules with a grain of salt
Concessions will be made to assist brands to run FI if they choose. They will need the help to compete against the big displacement normally aspirated competition. Even if BMW ran a FI setup now, they would get their asses handed to them by the competition.

There is no reason to go FI in a series that regulates power output. If you can make your HP normally aspirated, it is much more reliable for endurance racing. Porsche is more than happy running NA and will with the 991 in competition. They are known for their reliability, especially at the 24hrs.

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Corvette and Viper's also have waivers so lets not just say BMW does.
Are they running two extra cylinders? Terrible analogies if you ask me.

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