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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Speaking of corners, how do you find the ~4700+ lb weight? I've go to believe in any kind of spirited driving you feel that extra half ton. (BTW, serious question since you own one, not baiting.)
It definitely has more heft to it. The tires are skinny at 245 width and could use more but I understand they need to balance for efficiency. I may opt to put on bigger tires and different wheels when these wear out.

But for 4700lbs it handles surprisingly well, yes at the track you have to slow it down in the corners (part of it is also the lack of mechanical grip), but the chasis is stiff and very responsive and predictable - especially for that weight.

I'm not stranger to weight. I have an e90 m3 as well as a 2400lb track prepped e36 m3. The S handles very similar to the e36. The weight is below you and the car doesn't roll. my e90 handles like a pig comparatively.