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Originally Posted by dsm918 View Post
Am on the verge of ordering this exhaust but there are some posts about the GT being too close to the OEM bumper and therefore doesn't have enough room to clear a diffuser? I am not sure if the folks with this issue were not installing the exhaust correctly or is this really an issue?

Can anyone please confirm if they are successfully running a Meister GT with a diffuser, preferably post a picture. I have a Vorsteiner Type II diffuser on my E90 and don't want to ep ordering the GT only to find out that it touches the diffuser.

Please help
I;ve seen the GTC Meisterschaft with a diffuser and it fit/looked great. I had the GT2 originally and sold it for another exhaust because the tips looked recessed when it was paired with a diffuser. I dont think it actually makes contact with the diffuser, but it does not look good because the tips dont come out far enough. To this day I still am unsure how that guy's GTC Meiseterschaft looked perfect with a diffusor, maybe they cut the xpipe in a different place for the xpipe? Not sure. I know the car was an AutoCouture build and had an ess vt2-625 on it. I'm sure if you PM'ed Sal he would be able to send you some pics and tell you how that guy got his exhaust to look perfect under there !