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I love the V8 in the M3.

Everyone here is talking about the lack of torque, but that's not the formula for this car. The lack of torque is made up by the higher redline.

If you don't like that kind of car, then obviously move onto another type- like a Vette.

I think where the M could shine is if it lost some weight.

For instance the M weighs around 3600 lb, torque 295, and HP 414.
The Ferrari 430 (a similar low torque, high HP car) weighs around 3200 lb, torque 343, and HP 483.

So, if the M was the F430 weight (assuming about 10 lbs lost = 1 HP), it would put out 40 more HP for a total of 454 HP. That would make the M much quicker.

Personally, I love the relatively low torque/high HP cars like the GT3, F430, etc. There's nothing like making a car sing in those high revs. Probably one of the reasons I found the Turbo so boring.

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