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Originally Posted by Karura View Post
I have read the whole thread, and was still wondering: Is anyone using these for DD street driving? Would it be unsafe to do so?
I don't see myself running a HAN device any time soon (I've done HPDE but haven't tracked yet), is there still a reason to get the pro version, and does the non-pro version have any benefits/convenience over the pro?
It's not unsafe, just uncomfortable for DD. you're belted in so tight that you cannot reach the door handle if the door fully opens, or reach in th back seat for a wallet, or in the glovebox etc.

And if you don't plan to ever run a HANS device in this car, then you simply don't need that version.

I feel that in the order of importance of all the mods I did for the track, brake pads come first, harness comes second and wheels/tires third.

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