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Originally Posted by Thurman Murch View Post
I was kinda hoping BMW partnered w/ Honda. I think the NSX concept plus BMW enhancements would make for a sick ride. I am sure BMW just wants Toyota's hybrid tech and is feeding them a little fish food to get it. Nonetheless, hope something good comes of it.
I was kinda hoping that BMW would not partner with anybody and just build a good, driver-oriented car themselves like they used to. Partnering with Toyota to build a sports car makes as much sense as partnering with Yugo to build the next 7-series. Toyota is known for making some of the most boring and least fun to drive cars on the market. Its bread and butter models like Corolla and Camry are literally the antithesis of sportiness. BMW has 1000 times Toyota's expertise when it comes to building a driver's car. The only reason for this collaboration is cost saving. BMW does not have the funds to develop a new sports car (probably because they spent all of their R&D dollars on the soon-to-be-released FWD econobox), while Toyota has a Subaru-developed platform that they don't quite know what to do with.

While BMW is collaborating with Toyota to build a Z4, Audi is collaborating with Porsche to build the R4. Which one do you think is going to be a better sports car??