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Originally Posted by jesm View Post
First of all, BEAUTIFUL CAR.....

would you mind sharing/reviewing the driving experience?

So far my experience with the 991 Carrera S is this car likes to be driven hard and almost seems anxious to wanna go. This is very true in sport plus mode. In sport mode it is more tame and willing to settle into higher gears for cruising and if that isnt tame enough you can turn sport mode off and then the car more civil.

The PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) sounds phenominal inside of the car while driving it produces a sensational howl while accelerating. The suspension is very nice and when in sport plus mode is not harsh at all though the car is very tight and well mannered in any chassis setting. The car really seems that it is set up perfect from the factory. Brakes look and feel great and i imagine that they will hold up better than the OEM M3 brakes in a track setting.

Overall the fit and finish is beautiful and the layout is very simple and easy to use in my opinion. Only had the car since Saturday and already have settled into it.

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A GTR is a great car, especially if you're about 25 years old. Great call going with a 991.
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congrats on the new 991... i switched from an m3 to a Pcar as well a few months ago. too bad it isnt a minty fresh 991 but i am happy with my switch. the Pcar is so much more responsive than the m3... i have yet to drive an 991 but all the reviews of it are very positive. maybe a 991 GT3 for me one day....

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I jumped ship too, my 991 C4S is due to arrive in May.

You are in for a treat when your car arrives. I had the oppurtunity to drive the C4S with the 7spd tranny.

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Congrats, looks great... The GT-R and a Carrera S definitely are two different cars. Just because a car is faster (straight or handling), doesn't mean it's more fun to drive.
This so true and one of the reasons iam in a 911 instead of the GTR.