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Thoughts from the Chicago Auto Show

Just got back from the Chicago Auto Show and had a great time. I've been going for the past decade every year with pretty much the same group of buddies. I call it our Annual Pilgrimage.

Given that I now own the car I've been drooling over for the greater part of the past 10 years (e46 and e9X M3's), the show has lost a little excitement for me, but I thought I'd share a few highlights.

Like last year, the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S are still on my list as some of the coolest cars out there. I'd love to drive one, as I suspect they'd be a lot of fun to explore at their relatively low limits. They may also make for some incredibly fun Auto-cross or slow track cars. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts that have some experience behind the wheels. FWIW, I found the Subaru interior to be a slight upgrade on the Scion, and would probably prefer a Subaru over the Scion.

Not many prototype/launch cars, but I saw the new Cayman and BMW F30 Wagon. They were both definitely at the top of my favorite new car list from the show, especially the F30 Wagon. It was in Estoril Blue, which looks incredible and seems like a possible contender for my next family car.

Another observation that has been a trend for me is how much I prefer the M3 interior to virtually every car I was allowed to sit in. We have a pretty incredible car and the auto show made me love it even more.