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Video added - Turner Test Pipes plus BPMsport Stage II

Well, I took the plunge this week and got both of these installed. Pipes installed Monday and uploaded the tune tonight (Weds). I did a couple highway runs, nothing crazy, just doing some rolling starts and 55-75 pulls tonight, so there's more to learn/experience, but here's what I think.
I won't go on and on and on about this, but it really is amazing what Mike's tune did in conjunction with the pipes. Before the tune you could tell the pipes were doing something, but not a lot. After the tune it's honestly a completely different feeling vehicle...and it's NOT placebo effect. Anyone who says that is not talking from experience.
The best way to describe it is like you're down a gear. At 50 mph, 4th now pulls like you were in 3rd, 5th gear at 60 now feels like 4th at 60. If you want to get out of the slow lane and around someone, you don't have to downshift to blow by them, just drop the hammer. If you downshift and hammer it you may evaporate or enter a time warp.
Long story short, I was expecting a lot from this set up, but I'm seriously blown away. These two mods turn the M3 into something you can now scare your friends with, haha. On the track of course. I never felt much need to get 295 series tires, but now I'm on Tirerack to find grip.
If anyone wants to talk about this, feel free to post on here or PM me.

Here's the clip. Sorry it's so short but you get the point! This is revved to about 4000-4500 rpm, nothing too crazy. I think the sound is pretty true. Enjoy, and I apologize if this just cost you $1500 and a fight with your girl

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