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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I can see that it was more of a rush job than it probably could have been but with darkness quickly setting in and his previous history of shooting to kill police officers, I think that a standoff in the darkness is likely the last thing they wanted to face. We are all playing Monday morning quarterback here but this all unfolded very quickly. It's easy to criticize now, but when two of your own are dead at the hands of a guy sitting right in front of you, I don't think anyone here in their position wouldn't want to be the guy who takes him out. I just don't see where smoking him out is the worst thing in the world here. There was a guy in CT who took his x wife hostage and lit his own house on fire and as the police watched the house burn down, he shocked them all by walking out unharmed from the ashes. I'm pretty sure they were expecting him to either evacuate the house or shoot himself to keep from having to do so. I think it will come out that he did the latter. Is the main gripe here with the fact that they burned down private property? They said on the news that they called the owners of the home to verify that no one was occupying the house prior to taking any action which is why it wasn't treated as a hostage situation.
my main gripe here is that protocol went out the window, and the police who we depend on to protect and serve, went on full gang mentality and were absolutely not professional.

I have no problem with him being killed, I am in favor of it. I understand that damage may occur under some circumstances, this was not called for.

I would be less angry if there was not already evidence of recklessness (shooting at civilians who did not resemble the suspect in any way), but they are acting like a gang of thugs with no respect for life, property, or the law.