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Great responses guys. Reading back a few years in this forum it is clear how we consider frequently a handful of these cars when choosing a new one - m3, cayman, and the z06.

Ideally I'd end up with an m3 and cayman. Right now I have the 335 and boxster- so I have the general idea, ha.

The 335 and boxster are each so different and give me such a varied driving experience, I can't imagine not experiencing both. The 335 feels effortless and solid at speed, plus it has great tech. The boxster feels visceral with that screaming engine and sharp connected feeling.

The m3 and a newer boxster/cayman s will just be much more of that feeling, and a few new things too in the case of the m3. (V8 engine revving...yum!)

What do you guys feel about the boxster? The cayman is oft mentioned as the enthusiasts choice, but the boxster feels to me very close.