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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I was only talking about the cabin sequence of events, not the previous false sightings and the dummies who opened fire on them. Those are completely inexcusable. Don't get that confused.

I also don't see what Waco has to do with this incidence. I don't think that was handled properly at all.

An armed man shooting from a cabin after just murdering one and injuring another police officer is an extreme danger. You guys are acting like he should be treated like someone on home base in a game of tag. I find it really funny how in another thread about a drunk driver killing two people and the father shooting the driver dead most of the respondents thought it was totally justified but two cops being shot in cold blood garners a completely different response. You guys are weird...
A father reacting is a very different situation from what happened here.

I am bothered by the police burning him out because it is just another example of them being out of control and disregarding public safety and the destruction of private property.

They had every advantage on this situation, time was on their side, they had other better options.