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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I was only talking about the cabin sequence of events, not the previous false sightings and the dummies who opened fire on them. Those are completely inexcusable. Don't get that confused.

I also don't see what Waco has to do with this incidence. I don't think that was handled properly at all.

An armed man shooting from a cabin after just murdering one and injuring another police officer is an extreme danger. You guys are acting like he should be treated like someone on home base in a game of tag. I find it really funny how in another thread about a drunk driver killing two people and the father shooting the driver dead most of the respondents thought it was totally justified but two cops being shot in cold blood garners a completely different response. You guys are weird...
Whats your source here? I only read one shot was fired prior to the gas bombs being thrown in.

Not all, check my posts in that thread, I wasn't one of them.

Plus I don't think anyone is arguing the two cops being shot is an issue. I think we all agree the cops being shot/killed was a tragedy.

I saw some clips of the grieving wife of one of the officers at his funeral and it absolutely broke my heart. Right before valentines day.